J&L Books group show at Marcia Wood Gallery, Atlanta
Curated by Leanne Shapton and Jason Fulford

Featuring: Able Brown, Amy O'Neill, April Gertler, Ashley Thayer, Barry Stone,
Brian Rea, Christian Patterson, Darin Mickey, Ed Panar, Eileen Maxson,
Gary Peter, Gus Powell, Gwen Smith, Harrell Fletcher, Harrison Haynes,
James Gallagher, Jason Logan, Leanne Shapton, Leif Parsons,
Matthew Sandager, Michael Harwell, Michael Lewy, Michael Northrup,
Michael Schmelling, Mike Slack, Paul Clark, Paul Davis, Ryan Storm,
Serge Onnen, Shawn Creeden, Ted Fair, Tucker Nichols and Zach Storm

Download the wall chart which connects
the exhibition prints to the J&L books
to the wooden books.

We asked the artists to tell us their favorite
books, and we made wooden versions.

Photographs of exhibition by Michael Harwell