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The Mushroom Collection is an expanding exhibition and workshop operated by Jason Fulford and The Soon Institute. Like a fungus, the project pops its head out briefly, and then goes back underground.

The collection first appeared in Amsterdam in late 2010. Inside, hidden among the furniture, were objects, prints and books related to Fulford's book The Mushroom Collector. The inventory grew, more or less daily, as the room evolved over four weeks. Performances and lectures were presented in the evenings by Corin Hewitt, Ted Fair, Hernán Díaz, Sam de Groot, Guy Edmonds, Lee Elickson, Maarten Hepp, Serge Onnen, Aaron Schuman, Rein Jelle Terpstra, Samuel Vriezen and Pietro Corraini.

Next, the collection appeared for an afternoon in New York City. In the basement of Dexter Sinister, objects were converted into light.

In late spring, 2011, visitors to Los Angeles saw The Mushroom Collection for two days on Sunset Blvd.

In the winter of 2012, the collection was on view in the form of framed photographs, videos and sculptural interventions at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts. Later that spring it appeared in San Francisco at the Kadist Foundation as a mushroom machine.

In 2014, The Mushroom Collector was re-published as a pocket paperback.

The collection appeared twice in Europe in the winter of 2015 – first at colette in Paris, and later in Munich at Lothringer Kunsthalle.

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