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The Medium is a Mess

In fall 2017, Studio Blanco invited photographer Jason Fulford to come for a week to Reggio Emilia, Italy, and take pictures inside the ateliers of Reggio Children to document and celebrate the creative process globally known as the Reggio Approach. This book features pictures shot by Fulford in the ateliers and streets of the city, plus others that he took prior to this trip in Japan, Korea and the United States. 

Hardcover, 100 pages
Printed in Italy by EBS

The book can be purchased here.

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Today the Reggio Emilia Approach has become globally renowned: all year long, delegations of teachers flock to this small city to learn about it. Educator Loris Malaguzzi based it on a few basic ideas: the families’ participation, the fact that teachers should work together, the presence of a kitchen and an atelier inside the school and, most importantly, the conviction that the child should always be at the centre of her own development, that she should be let free to express herself in the “hundred languages” that humans can use.

This book is a tribute to this approach. In it, shapes and colours from the ateliers are juxtaposed to urban details. Every now and then, some children’s faces peek from a page, as if they were busy making sense out of what they were seeing in order to finally assemble all those elements. Layer after layer, new meanings emerge. We are tempted to grab them, crystallize them, and jot them down but they only last the time of a blink, before being reshuffled with what is coming next and what is still to come. Let’s not worry about it. Isn’t this the experience of growing up, after all?